Brand Priming Brand Equity

The power of brands can seem mysterious; why does the mention Nike have so much more influence than a lesser-known brand? How do we manage our brands to have that power? I wonder that all the time, and you may too. One of the reasons branding works is because of brand priming. Pairing the brand […]

Branded Design Features

Details added in by product designers that define the brand. Have you ever seen a product from afar and just knew: “Oh yeah, that is a Brand-X product.” Yet, there are some brands whose products look like they could be from entirely different companies. As an industrial designer, I appreciate the details I see other […]

Brand Consistency Brand Management

Why It’s Crucial to Keep Your Brand Consistent Consider your logo design. At a minimum, the logo lives on your business cards, brand collateral, and website. That means your logo needs to be scalable and legible across all three of these touchpoints. This includes having the correct size, file compression, and color format. Now, imagine […]