Why It’s Crucial to Keep Your Brand Consistent

Consider your logo design. At a minimum, the logo lives on your business cards, brand collateral, and website. That means your logo needs to be scalable and legible across all three of these touchpoints. This includes having the correct size, file compression, and color format.

Now, imagine if your logo gets uploaded to a digital ad with a different shade of green than the logo on your billboard ad. Or maybe your site is using multiple typefaces but a completely different font for your monthly newsletter. This type of inconsistency is distracting. It can make someone question the brand. “Wait, is this the same company? They don’t present themselves very professionally.”

On the other hand, a consistent brand does not plant seeds of doubt in the minds of customers. Its consistency is a badge of honor and makes the company look more professional than less consistent brands. People are naturally more trusting of consistent things.

An industry rule of thumb is that a customer needs seven interactions with a brand before considering to purchase from them. If the brand is inconsistent, then the interactions do not count towards that tally; people won’t recognize it as the same brand.

A consistent brand makes the most of every impression and interaction with a customer. It all adds up to a brand experience that makes a person more likely to engage (i.e., purchase, donate, read, mention, etc.) In aggregate, those consistent interactions build brand equity.

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