How to check if a #hashtag is banned on #Instagram?

Well there are a few steps that you can check to verify if a hashtag has been banned on Instagram. If your posts uses one of the banned hashtags, it might result in less penetration of your posts amongst the target segment.

This might be a reason why your organic reach is coming down which would eventually affect the number of new fan followers & other such parameters.

Make it a rule to do a research on these banned hashtags at-least once in a month so that you could avoid them in your posts.

Pls follow the below steps to check if a hashtag is banned or otherwise:

#1 Hit the search option & type the hashtag.

#2 If the results show normal posts, then it is good to go.

#3 If the results show messages that the recent posts using the hashtags are hidden, then avoid using them.

#4 If the results show messages suggesting “resources that might help”. It indicates that these hashtags are flagged. Avoid using them.

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